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Renewable Diesel: big bets and big challenges with JW Hackett

In this episode, we do a deep dive into renewable diesel where the ag and energy worlds collide. Renewable diesel is currently being hailed as a key tool in the energy transition, tackling hard to abate fuels like aviation. Refiners are announcing big investments globally and both ag and energy traders are entering the feedstock space – where prices have risen dramatically. We start from the beginning on what renewable diesel is, the policies that underpin it globally, the technologies, and its supply chains. In this episode, we also look at the challenges from the food for fuel debate and whether feedstock supply can meet demand without undermining the policy goals that created it. Our guest is JW Hackett, a commercial development and policy expert in renewable fuels who has worked for the EPA and on the US Senate Committee for the Environment and Public Works and for the Renewable Energy Group.

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