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American Business Women’s Day celebrates 40th anniversary

To celebrate American Business Women’s Day (Thursday 22nd September) we look back at some of the engaging conversations we have published on HC Insider that have featured talented women business leaders from the US.

Four women in Kansas City founded the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) on September 22, 1949. In 1982, ABWA had its first sponsored American Business Women’s Day.  

ABWA’s mission is to bring together women of various occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition. 

To celebrate 40 years of ABWA championing and supporting women in the workplace, we look back at the podcast episodes and HC Insights we have published featuring women business leaders from the US. 

The CFTC with Commissioner Summer Mersinger 

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission regulates commodities futures markets and enforces the Commodity Exchange Act in the US. As such, it sets the tone for much of the global regulation governing the sector. In such a global, dynamic and evolving market, the CFTC has its work cut out. It also has teeth, exacting significant fines on transgressors through its enforcement arm. What is the CFTC? How is it constructed and managed? How can it provide stable and forward looking regulation in such a volatility and changing sector? What are the challenges it faces triggered by energy transition and digitization (and digital assets)? We are delighted to have Commissioner Summer Mersinger join us to discuss all these points and more.

Unlocking Carbon Markets with Deanna Reitman, Eric Rubenstein & Lance Titus 

This episode is a panel discussion on the US carbon markets, and beyond, recorded at the Reuters Event’s USA Commodity Trading 2022 in June. Our panelists take on the state of the compliance and voluntary carbon markets today. How in the absence of a federal carbon market, voluntary markets are leading the charge.  How are voluntary credits generated? What is legal framework and the nascent legislation around them? How are they already transforming industry and technologies? What could the future hold and how can the opportunity across carbon avoidance and mitigation be unlocked? What are the hurdles to that future? The panelists are Deanna Reitman, head of DLA Piper’s commodity platform, Eric Rubenstein, founder and Managing Partner of New Climate Ventures and Lance Titus, Managing Director at Uniper Global Commodities. 

What the SEC Climate-Related Disclosures mean with Julie McLaughlin   

In February, the SEC released proposed rules for reporting climate risk and Green House Gas emissions, including Scope 1, 2 and 3. What exactly are in the proposed rules? How likely are they to be enacted?  How will they affect the energy and commodities sector both in the US and globally? How should leadership respond? Now that these risks have been highlighted, will investors drive change through the supply chain? And do they herald more stringent reporting and remediation in the future? Julie McLaughlin, Managing Director with Alvarez & Marsal’s Energy Practice, sheds light on how to think about these rules and the answers to these questions. 

Retaining top talent with a family-oriented culture 

Over the past several years, global commodities merchant Freepoint Commodities has rolled out various initiatives across the organisation to encourage diversity and inclusion. We speak to Sarah Torpey, Director, Global Head of Human Resources at Freepoint, to find out what some of these initiatives are and how other companies can implement a similar agenda to help retain top talent.  

Redefining excellence in commodity trading 

In addition to dominating sectors of the US grades and cleared swaps market, the team at newly founded Pegasus Commodities has also disrupted the US cargo market. HC Insider speaks to Karey Baum, Founder of Pegasus Commodities, to find out more about her team of former traders with high-frequency algorithmic trading, physical crude, market making, and traditional brokerage experience in the crude oil space.