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Commodity Supply Chain Challenges with Anton Posner

Covid-19 is in the rear-view mirror, yet the commodity supply chains remain volatile and uncertain. In this episode, we catch up on the state of bulk commodities shipping and logistics. The aftermath of 2022 saw the emergence of unprecedented returns, especially within the container market. 

But what events and forces have driven these shifts? How do traders and logistics providers navigate the challenges posed by soaring interest rates, geopolitical tensions, staggering inventory scandals, and the uncertainty wrought by the energy transition and decoupling with China. What are the routes and tools in bulk commodities freight? Where are freight rates now and where are they headed?

Speaking to Paul Chapman, our guest this episode is Anton Posner, Founder and CEO of the Mercury Group which offers logistical expertise for the shipment of dry goods (both dry bulk and break-bulk) by barge, train, truck or vessel, particularly for the metals sector.