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The power of collaboration

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At HC Group we believe in the power of collaboration. 

To that end, we have forged non-exclusive alliances with a number of organisations that share our values of putting expertise, service and innovation at the heart of what they do. 

These businesses are leaders in their respective fields, and by combining our collective creativity and expertise, we seek to add value to the products and services we both offer.


Partnering across giants of crypto, blockchain, commodities and environmental products, Neo is developing a world-first multi-institutional, public blockchain layer 1 with verified identities, called Watr.

Energex Partners

Expert advice from energy practitioners for informed decision making an impactful change across strategy, assets and people


Since 2011, ProFinda has been leading the Future of the Work agenda and transforming leading organizations into becoming skills-based organizations (SBO).

Wellnest Retreats

Wellnest's mission is to help talent (re)discover and optimise their potential. Their goal is to support individuals towards a sustainable balance through workshops linked to their 4 pillars - Nutrition, Sleep, Physical Activity, and Mindfulness.

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