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HC Group supports a number of the leading financial institutions that cater to the international energy and commodities markets.

For over 15 years HC Group has worked closely with a number of leading Banks providing risk management, investor products, financing solutions and liquidity across a wide range of energy and commodities markets globally. Whether sourcing execution specialists, salespeople, market analysts or originators, HC Group provides access to the talent required to take full advantage of energy and commodity market opportunities.

With the energy and natural resource markets continuing to experience unceasing volatility, intense market pressures and regulatory controls, corporates are investing in growth opportunities, entering new markets, recycling capital and refocussing portfolios.  HC Group partners a number of M&A boutiques and investment houses in securing the specialist sector-focussed talent required to deliver successful outcomes. 

Sector Coverage

  • Investment Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Private Equity
  • Family Offices
  • Insurance

Functional Coverage

  • M&A
  • Principal Investment
  • Trading, Sales & Structuring
  • Structured & Trade Finance
  • Transactional Structuring
  • Credit Syndication
  • Debt & Bankruptcy Restructuring

I have known HC Group for a number of years and have found their knowledge and network second to none. I have worked with HC both from a candidate and a client perspective and in both instances found their speed and services excellent.

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