What We Do

Commodity trading industries specialists

HC Group is a global leader in commodities trading, partnering with some of the world's foremost energy and commodities trading organizations. Our extensive network encompasses companies involved in every aspect of energy and commodity products, including production, processing, transportation, storage, marketing, and distribution on a global scale.

In today's rapidly changing energy and commodities markets, we understand the challenges of navigating through wholesale structural changes and disruptions. From climate and carbon concerns to geopolitical and operational risks, as well as the increasing automation and digitalization, the industry faces multifaceted obstacles.

To stay ahead in this interconnected market and gain a competitive edge, businesses must align their strategic objectives with the right talent strategies. At HC Group, we operate as a matrixed organization, boasting specialized teams dedicated to the energy and commodity sectors, as well as various functional areas. Our global offices ensure that our industry specialists possess in-depth knowledge and extensive networks in their respective markets, granting our clients access to the talent and insights that truly matter.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the energy and commodities industry.

Working with HC Group has been a completely refreshing experience. They demonstrate a clear understanding of our business, and consistently deliver to the highest quality. Our level of trust is now at such a point that suggestions are truly respected and recommendations explored with confidence.

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