Commodity Technology and Innovation


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With innovation changing the very landscape for how commodities are produced, bought, and sold – technology plays a critical role in ensuring companies remain on the cutting edge and hold onto a competitive advantage.

From automation and data science to IoT, companies are investing more than ever into new ways of streamlining their businesses and becoming more efficient. Technology is increasingly helping companies diversify their revenue generating capabilities in addition to boosting existing methods. 

The change that information technology is driving in commodity trading is becoming visible, and the rate of digitalisation will only accelerate. HC Group supports business leaders through their Commodity Technology Practice to embrace innovation and thrive.

Commodity Technology & Innovation roles HC can fulfil:

  • C-Suite (CIO, CTO, CDO)
  • Development and Architecture
  • Delivery (BA & PM)
  • Data Engineering/Science
  • Infrastructure
  • Technology Sales

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