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Connection, Collaboration, Capital

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Our Mission is simple: To unlock shared, sustainable value through connecting people across the energy, metals and agricultural supply chains.

  • Connection: Our Connections Define Us
  • Collaboration: We Invest to Understand
  • Capital: Unlocking Shared Opportunity

HC Group Values

The value we offer comes from the strength and diversity of our connections, both internally at HC, and externally across the energy, agri, and metals values chains. ​

With our long-term dedication to this sector, a presence in every region and our passion for understanding our customers and their markets, we have become experts in collaboration and building competitive advantage. ​

We share our knowledge; we give our clients a platform to have their voices heard and access to the diverse talent they need, and we ensure our connections become their connections.​

The level of trust between HC and our group is now at such a point, where suggestions are truly respected and recommendations can be explored with confidence. The value creation is beyond hiring, we trust HC to deliver on other strategic advisory services

Female Future Leaders in Recruitment

HC Group and Fifteen West have partnered with Executive Coach Olivia Read to create a program for talented women in the recruitment sector to help them advance their careers. Contact us for more information - hcinsider@hcgroup.global

Latest from HC Insider

Naz Ali, Consultant at HC Group (Houston) within Corporate Functions

Our Consultants

Operating in seven countries across the globe, our consultants work together to form one dynamic global team.

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How can we help?

We have always challenged the paradigms of traditional executive search by constantly developing new ways to add value.