Fuelling the Energy Transition

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Renewable Power Generation is accelerating in deployment and impact globally. Established technologies such as wind and solar are being complemented by utility scale batteries and emergent technologies such a wave power. Globally, policies are aligning to boost deployment while penalising emissions.

The talent needed behind the energy transition and renewables spans geographies and disciplines. From governmental relations, through business development and commercialization, utilities, consultants and industry alike have used HC Group to create the teams needed to deliver. 

Product Coverage

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Battery
  • Emergent Technologies

Functional Coverage

  • C-Suite
  • Management Consultants
  • Corporate Development
  • Senior Technologists
  • Commercialization discipline
  • Governmental Relations

HC Group have supported us across our commercial gas, power and LNG businesses for a number of years. They have helped us recruit successfully in both Europe and Asia and have provided invaluable ancillary information around compensation, competition and other market intel.

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