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The Lithium Triangle with Gabriel Rubacha and Taj Singh

In this episode we return to Lithium – the critical metal of the electron age. The supply chain is both constrained and concentrated, leading to a rush to find suitable deposits worldwide. However, it’s not just quality of deposit that matters but type, geography and the political and social environment in which it sits. In this episode, we review the Lithium Triangle, the rich swath of brines that cover Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. How and why has the Lithium Triangle acquired its name? What role will it play in the energy transition and which of those three countries provide the best opportunities? Our guests are Gabriel Rubacha and Taj Singh. Gabriel is now the CEO and Chairman of NOA Lithium Brines, a Lithium exploration company focused on the Triangle. Gabriel was previously on the board of directors at Lithium Americas Corp. Taj Singh is a former CEO of NOA Lithium Brines. He’s now President & CEO at Gold Line Resources, a gold exploration company.