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The Power of Waves with Jan Skjoldhammer

  • Renewables
  • 44 min listen

The ocean is the world’s largest battery, charged by the sun and the wind year round. Harnessing that energy for power generation has proved problematic for years. Yet, it would bring significant advantages over, and in combination with, the existing renewables suite; lowering intermittency and solving for issues of land use and scale. What is the status of the race to harness the waves? What are the design and environment challenges? And what could be its future?  In this episode, we explore Wave Power, the challenges, the technologies and the benefits that could lead it to becoming a vital part of our decarbonization infrastructure. Our guest is Jan Skjoldhammer, investor, inventor and founder of Noviocean – a pioneering renewables company at the very leading edge of power generation from waves. You can find links to the documents we discuss in the episode here: https://noviocean.energy/documents/