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The Q1 2024 Market Review explores the transformation and resurgence of the commodity trading sector, examining shifts in market dynamics, talent landscape, and emerging opportunities driven by factors such as energy transition, deglobalization, and digitization.

Across more than 40 pages of analysis and graphics, we delve into the latest talent trends impacting the global energy and commodities value chains including:

  • Economic challenges prompt companies to restructure, creating hiring opportunities.
  • Geopolitical uncertainty increasing demand for talent to help navigate this uncertainty.
  • Mid-level talent shortages call for organizations to rethink their compensation and recruitment strategies.

We feature more than 300 talent moves showing which individuals have changed roles, and where they have gone. Special features include: 

  • An in-depth interview with Novera Khan, Founder and CEO of EmBER Advisory LLC and Co-founder of HC Group Thought Partners.
  • From carbon to cotton, we’ve mined our archive for some of our favourite episodes of the HC Insider Podcast.