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Commodity Indexes with Tim Kramer, JC Kneale and Preston Peacock

Commodity indexes have grown in popularity among institutional and private investors, tracking the prices of a diversified basket of commodities to generate returns and hedge inflation, with current allocations totaling over $1.6 trillion in assets. Despite their acceptance, many investors are unsure of how these complex indexes are constructed, how returns are generated, and who ultimately determines the commodities they comprise. Furthermore, the future of these indexes remains a topic of discussion. 

To gain a deeper understanding of these indexes, Paul Chapman is joined by Tim Kramer, founder and CEO of CNIC Funds LLC, Preston Peacock, Senior Director of ICE Data Indices, and J.C. Kneale, Head of North American Power and Gas Markets for ICE, to discuss the history, evolution, construction, uses, and potential future of commodity market indices, including their new power index designed for the energy transition age.