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Trading the Super-Cycle with John Massey (Special 50th episode)

We are in the foothills of a commodity super-cycle. Interest and investment is returning to the sector as the narrative of energy transition, inflation driven by policy and scarcity in the wake of Covid-19 takes hold.  What does this mean for traders over the next year and beyond? What are the trades? In honor of our 50th episode, we are delighted to welcome back our first ever guest John Massey, Head of the Houston Office for commodity trader ECTP. A year ago, John joined us to discuss the impact of Covid-19 on the commodity markets. He made some prescient calls including that Covid-19 would accelerate a re-balancing of the sector and lead to rising prices, rising opportunity, and rising interest. A year later, John discusses the super-cycle he predicted and gives us his insight on the market opportunity and predictions.

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