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How Can Alternative Protein Companies Attract and Retain the Right Talent?

Alex Coghlan, Portfolio Director for HC Group's Agriculture and Nutrition practice, shared the virtual stage with Debra Syme from Ivy Farm Technologies, Panagiotis Vlachogiannis from Nutreco, and Amy Huang from the Good Food Institute at the Future of Protein Production Summit.

The panel discussed how alternative protein companies can attract and retain the right talent. Watch the session to hear best practices for creating and maintaining a pipeline of talent for the industry to ensure its long-term growth and success.

A combination of education and engagement of youth, communication of the exciting opportunities to change the world for the better through food technology, and empathetic leadership that understands the unique needs of individuals in a fast-paced environment were just a few of the topics covered in this lively session.

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Alex Coghlan, Director Agriculture, HC Group