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Carbon with Jon Goldberg

The atmosphere has too much carbon. This poses an existential threat to society and to the businesses emitting it, unless they start to capture it. Tackling carbon is one of the biggest challenges (and opportunities) in the commodities sector. Neo-classical economics suggest we put a price on carbon and let markets sort it all out. Unfortunately, the reality is so much more complicated – from geopolitics, to sources, measurement and verification. Jon Goldberg, founder and CEO of Carbon Direct and former hedge fund owner and Goldman commodity trader, guides us through this vital, urgent but complicated subject.

The HC Insider Podcast

Each day, around the world, we have fascinating one-on-one conversations with our connections. Our collaborators are uniquely informed, creative and inspirational in their fields. We want to provide our community a seat alongside us, listening in to these conversations in that special way podcasting provides, as we tackle topical and people related issues with the leaders and leading minds in our sector.