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Unlocking Carbon Markets with Deanna Reitman, Eric Rubenstein & Lance Titus

This week’s episode is a panel discussion on the US carbon markets, and beyond, recorded at the Reuters Event’s USA Commodity Trading 2022 in June. Our panelists take on the state of the compliance and voluntary carbon markets today. How in the absence of a federal carbon market, voluntary markets are leading the charge.  How are voluntary credits generated? What is legal framework and the nascent legislation around them? How are they already transforming industry and technologies? What could the future hold and how can the opportunity across carbon avoidance and mitigation be unlocked? What are the hurdles to that future? The panelists are Deanna Reitman, head of DLA Piper’s commodity platform, Eric Rubenstein, founder and Managing Partner of New Climate Ventures and Lance Titus, Managing Director at Uniper Global Commodities.