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The future of the power grid with Jim Fallon

In this episode, Paul Chapman, Managing Partner of HC, discusses the future of the power grid and the power trading industry with Jim Fallon. Jim is President and CEO of Parkhurst Energy a company focused on capturing opportunities at the grid edge, and has served in key executive leadership roles in the merchant power business including with Enron, Louis Dreyfus and Fortis bank. The current operators and market participants face ever growing disruption through advances in technology, regulation and consumer demands. Jim gives his view on current trends resulting from such disruption and a vision of what the future power grids could look like along with who (and how) could control and profit from such an outcome.

What is the state of the US power grid? What is driving change and what trends can we discern? What is the power grid of the future? What could hinder or accelerate that transformation – role of investment and regulation? What opportunities does that present and who will capture it? What does that mean for the power trader of the future? The rise of the nodal trader and big data. The likelihood that big tech will take over the power markets. What time frame are we talking?

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