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Food: Demand, Inflation & the Agri Markets with Soren Schroder

Demand for food is growing, and changing, with population increases and demographic change. At the same time, energy transition is creating an insatiable appetite for agricultural products. To date, advances in agri-technology and an efficient global trade has kept prices stable and inflation low. Is this now under threat as inflation takes grip? What is driving demand and how is it changing? Will governmental intervention disrupt the global agri trade with dire consequences for prices and political stability? What of fuel versus food debate? Recorded prior to the events in Ukraine, this episode provides a stark look at the future of the agri markets – the opportunities and the threats – now only heightened given Ukraine’s key role as a food exporter. Our guest is Soren Schroder, former CEO of the agri giant Bunge and board member and investor across the agri sector.