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Revolutionizing Agriculture: machines, software and genetics

Technology is revolutionizing agriculture and its markets. Over the last two decades, rapid strides have been made in the business of farming. Genetics is de-commoditizing crops; in the future, constituent yields of oils and proteins will be far more likely to drive pricing than crop itself. Automation of planting, plant care and harvesting is boosting yield. Both technologies are tackling sustainability and driving the drastic reinvention of farm equipment and practices. At the heart of all this lies data. Across the globe, planting and yield data is being collected, uploaded and analyzed. How this data is owned and used could transform the agri commodity markets. Think crop reports on a real time, global basis. To guide us through this quiet revolution is Barrett Barr, Global Head of Business Development, Seeds for Syngenta and former strategist, technologist and economist for John Deere.