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The US Natural Gas Market: The last decade and the next with Peter Tumminello

  • Gas & LNG
  • 46 min listen

A decade ago, fortunes were won and lost trading natural gas and the market was crowded with hedge funds, investment banks, merchants and trading house. Then the US gas market underwent a radical change, primarily driven by the shale production, fundamentally altering the competitive landscape for all its participants. Lower prices, lower volatility and increased transparency, led participants to exit and drive consolidation. Now that dynamic could be set to change as US production is under threat from low prices and weak investment and the US gas market goes global with LNG.

Joining us to discuss the US Natural Gas market’s history and future is Peter Tumminello, Group President, Commercial Businesses, Southern Company Gas – a family of gas companies offering a range of products and services from storage, transmission and marketing and trading, which is a division of Southern Company, one of the US’s largest utilities.

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