Singapore Celebrates 57th National Day
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Singapore Celebrates 57th National Day

In recognition of Singapore’s 57th birthday, celebrated on August 9, here is a roundup of our most recent interviews that have focused on key commodity market trends in the region.

HERstory… with Ying Ying Lim, MD at Cargill OT: “The best trader I hired had a master’s in music from Cambridge”

Ying Ying Lim, Managing Director at Cargill Singapore Ocean Transportation (OT) business unit can be described as a pioneer in the commodity sector in Asia. She was one of the first female Singaporeans working for major international and regional commodity brands like France’s commodity trader Louis Dreyfus, the international trading arm of China’s Amer Group, and now the global food company Cargill. She is now leading Cargill’s freight division in APAC, after accumulating a wealth of experience in general management and trading.

In Conversation With… Gina Fyffe, CEO of Integra Petrochemicals

Gina Fyffe is known for being a fierce promoter of diversity since the early days of her career in the 1980s. Her strong advocacy and leadership style are a large factor behind the success of Integra Petrochemicals, one of the world’s leading global petrochemical trading, distribution and shipping companies. But beyond diversity, Fyffe remains vocal on several issues affecting the petrochemical and shipping industries. Here, she talks to Fatima Sadouki, Senior Writer for HC Group, and shares key messages and learnings from her personal and professional journey.

Singapore’s historical legacy as one of the world’s largest trading and financial hubs dates back to the 1800s as a key trading point for spices, and later in the 1900s for commodities such as rubber, tin and oil.

In Conversation With... Lee Pak Sing, Assistant Chief Executive of Enterprise Singapore

In October 2019, just months before the global COVID outbreak, Lee Pak Sing joined Enterprise Singapore, the Singapore government agency championing enterprise development. In his role as Assistant Chief Executive, Pak Sing is having to lead the agency during disruptive times. This experience is a stark reminder of the need for the city state to remain competitive as an international trading and financial hub. Here, Pak Sing talks to Fatima Sadouki, Senior Writer for HC Group, about the fresh strategy he and his team have adopted both to preserve Singapore’s global standing and for the long-term benefit of Singaporeans.

Exclusive Interview with Rogier Beaumont, Head of Global Portfolio Management & Origination and Environmental Solutions, Pavilion Energy

On 17th November, Singapore’s Pavilion Energy, US-based Chevron and the world’s largest LNG producer QatarEnergy, jointly announced that they have published a Statement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (or ‘SGE’) Methodology for the wellhead-to-tank section for each delivered LNG cargo. The methodology is the result of an LNG supply tender launched by Pavilion Energy in April 2020, the first tender ever to require sellers to co-develop a GHG methodology for the fuel. Since then, Pavilion Energy, who is responsible for a third of Singapore’s natural gas demand, inked major supply agreements with QatarEnergy and Chevron.

With carbon offsets in the LNG industry becoming a key topic, the company decided to take on a leading role in tackling transparency of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data, in support of a more sustainable use of LNG as the cleanest fossil fuel. HC Insider speaks to Rogier Beaumont, Head of Global Portfolio Management & Origination and Environmental Solutions, Pavilion Energy’s lead on the methodology project.