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Biofuels on the Edge with Walter Cronin

Biofuels play a pivotal role in the decarbonization of transportation within the framework of the ongoing energy transition. However, the viability of this transformation is encumbered by challenges such as suboptimal harvests, insufficient regulatory backing, geopolitical conflicts, and economic inflation, all of which cast a shadow on the essential grain and oilseed feedstocks. 

Money is flowing into processing and infrastructure, but have the risks been priced into prices and investments? This year only Brazil’s bumper crop of soybean has saved global supply after atrocious harvests in Argentina and weak numbers coming from the US. 

What if Ukraine's harvest suffers further degradation or, in an unthinkable turn, ceases due to unforeseen events involving tactical nuclear actions? On the regulatory side, has the EPA undermined the US administrations goals around biofuels? What happens to biofuel production if we face a global harvest shortage? In this episode, investor and biofuels expert, Walter Cronin returns to discuss the state and future of biofuels.