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Who Really Prices Oil? A HC Insider Podcast Live Event hosted by Onyx Capital

Who determines oil prices? Is it the traders, OPEC, or the influence of financial flows and hedge funds? Over the past two decades, the landscape of oil markets has changed significantly. It has become more financialized, welcoming a wider range of participants. Now, as in equities, sentiment can drive markets in the short term, irrespective of the physical flows.

On September 14th in London, HC Group and Onyx Capital hosted a live podcast event to explore this topic. Kurt Chapman, Director of Levmet; Saad Rahim, Chief Economist of Trafigura; Tor Svelland, CEO and Founder of Svelland Capital; along with Savvas Manoussos and Greg Newman, CEO & Founder of Onyx Capital, joined Paul Chapman to discuss the various factors that influence oil prices in today's ever-changing global market. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the launch of Greg's latest book, "The World of Oil Derivatives," a valuable resource for those involved in financial trading within the oil markets.