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Hydrogen: something for everyone with Dr. JJ Traynor

Hydrogen, the humble chemical feedstock and major polluter, is being heralded as a key (almost magical) tool to solve both climate change and air pollution. Over the next twenty years, it could become the single most dynamic and important energy commodity there is and central to hydrocarbon producers, the transport industry, and renewable power generators alike.

Joining us to explain the why, what, and how of hydrogen is Dr. JJ Traynor, principal and co-founder of HydrogenOne Capital – an investment firm dedicated to the sector. JJ brings 30 years of energy and finance experience and walks us through the industry today and predictions about what (and where) it will be over the coming decades. Grey, blue, green and turquoise, we cover it all.

HydrogenOne Capital was founded in 2020 to invest in the energy transition to a low carbon economy. For more information contact enquiries@hydrogenonecapital.com

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