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Negative oil prices & the rise of algorithms with Ilia Bouchouev

Former Global Head of Derivatives at Koch Supply & Trading and now Managing Partner of Pentathlon Investments, Ilia Bouchouev, joins Paul to explore the financialization of the commodities markets, the recent market turmoil, the rise of quants and algorithmic trading, the lasting impact of COVID-19 and the outlook for commodities as an asset class for investors.

What is the background and impact of negative oil prices? What was the impact of Dodd-Frank on financialization of commodities market? Given recent scandals in Asia is more regulation needed? How prevalent are algorithms in the commodities world? What does this mean for active vs passive trading? What have been the catalysts to changes in the market? What’s the long-lasting impact from COVID-19 on commodities space? What is the future of commodities as an asset class? Who are the institutional investors?

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